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Had origins at the Historic Place of Sankarankovil, the southern light of matchless tamil heartland, the abode of the Lord Sankara Narayanar.


It was 1929 when T.M.Ganapathy Mudhaliar, born to the revered parents of Muthusamy Mudaliyar and Avudaiammal Sri Ganapathy Mudaliyar, strove all his life for the betterment and satisfaction of his faithful customers. In 1944 while being a cloth hawker at the hustle & bustle market, he started his small time shop in the most humble way. All that he carried were not the loads of clothes, they were the seeds waiting to sprout as trees all big and bigger still.


Breathing hard work as his life's policy, this stalwart didn't believe in the strength of money. All he believed was truth, honesty, hard work and abounding care and these filled his little shop with customers.


1959 - The dream to start a textile showroom turned true, finally "Sri Ganapathy Cloth Stores" came in to existence.


Guided by the forces of a simple life, sweet family, good friends, poignant customers and their streaming love, Sri Ganapathy Silks grew bigger and bigger with five branches in Sankarankovil along.


In the process of adding quality, own looms were started. It is not merely weaving the yarn of silk, they include honesty, care and love.


As the count of rainbow colours, he had seven male heirs - though one of them vanished as a mirage - he considered the rest as God's gift, not only for the prosperity of his race but also for the prosperity of his business.


Wedding proceeds from Heaven as a scopula that propagates the fragrance of tradition and as the dream of Mr. Ganapthy Mudaliyar arose "Sri Ganapathy Kalyana Mahal"